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In the ever evolving global trade landscape, the WTEC emerges as a ground-breaking  solution, poised to revolutionize the traditional norms of international business.

The constraints posed by fixed schedules in traditional trade fairs, coupled with limited accessibility, have long hindered the potential for continuous global engagement. Furthermore, the  temporal limitations inherent in conventional import-export transactions restrict opportunities for year round business engagement, leading to missed connections and stunted  growth.

Technical Principles System

Blockchain Integration

Decentralized Ledger

Smart Contracts

Enhanced Interoperability

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The Metaverse Exhibition Platform

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From Real World to Digital World.


Build for Growth to our Ecosystem.

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World Trade Exhibition Center or WTEC will do best for our Platform.


Collaboration between WTEC and IMINE will soon be carried out to facilitate Crypto transactions. This gives good news to all of us, IMINE is a tool or container that can mine Bitcoin with a program, and you can later buy it with WTEC coins.


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Listing On Indodax

We Celebrate WTEC New Listing on INDODAX 22 April 2024. Indodax is one of the most popular exchanges in Indonesia at the moment, and WTEC is part of one of the trending coins on Indodax at the time of listing. WTEC is committed to providing a safe trading experience and is one of the Stable Coins


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You can stake WTEC after buying the coins and can choose the period you want to choose, choose wisely, because Crypto has high risks....

Staking Project


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World Hansang Dream Island Co., Ltd., the business operator, began site development work in March 2019 to improve soft ground 

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Mini Games


Cooming Soon Daily Task Mini Games to Earn POINTS and Get WTEC Coin


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World Trade Exhibition Center or WTEC will do best for our Platform.

This coin is stable even though it is currently going down, hopefully it will go up again.”

Park Liem

Community Crypto

WTEC is down but rising quickly, opportunity to invest again.”

Nikyo Fernandes

Employment of Goverment

Safe, stable and bouncy coins.”

Fajar Akbar

Komunity Trading

I think this project its Legit.



This project is very promising.



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