World Trade Exhibition Center

In the ever-evolving global trade landscape, the WTEC emerges as a ground-breaking  solution, poised to revolutionize the traditional norms of international business. The constraints posed by fixed schedules in traditional trade fairs, coupled with limited accessibility, have long hindered the potential for continuous global engagement. Furthermore, the  temporal limitations inherent in conventional import-export transactions restrict opportunities for year round business engagement, leading to missed connections and stunted  growth.

Addressing these challenges head-on, the WTEC envisions a future where transparency,  fairness, and user participation drive the global trade ecosystem. A cornerstone of our  approach is utilizing a blockchain-based transparent trade exhibition platform that creates  a fair ecosystem. Users are rewarded for their data contributions and active participation  in advertising campaigns, establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between clients/  advertisers and users. The commitment to transparency extends to campaign results and  performance, fostering trust and accountability.

Positioned at the forefront of innovation, the WTEC seeks to establish fair conditions for  all stakeholders within the global trade industry. Our unique approach positions us as  pioneers, leading the charge toward a 365-day global trade festival where accessibility,  transparency, and innovation converge..

Export Import

Extensive agents across the globe, with a 7% commission guaranteed for export import agency services

Representative Products

Over 2 million items (rare, unique & representative products) are on exhibit worldwide.


The revenues from the venture are set to increase by 70x in the next four years as  WTEC will assume the global business center stage as the sole year-round trade  festival

KRW Investment

6.5 billion KRW has so far been cumulatively investment into the project.




Twenty-nine enterprises are signing Meetup.

World Trade Exhibition Center Conference

Q4 2026, the World Trade Exhibition Conference (WTEC) is set to go live in Korea.