World Trade Exhibition Center

The Metaverse Exhibition Platform

The Metaverse Exhibition Platform, the world’s first 365-day import-export trade festival, is a cutting-edge solution that optimizes contactless trade and fosters real-time transactions and consultancy. Notably, the World Trade Exhibition Conference (WTEC) is a novel solution to spur business efficacy at optimal cost.

In the Han sang Dream Island, WTEC is a top-of-the-range establishment that seeks to incorporate accommodation, entertainment, medical, and tourist facilities for traders, thus guaranteeing a holistic approach to global business. Contrary to the conventional approach, WTEC will employ an item-specific rent model for the over 2 million items sourced worldwide.

Additionally, traders will be able to leverage the solid relationships between WTEC and KOTRA, the Han Sang Network, and a chain of agents worldwide that facilitate export and import liaison.